Recognized under the UNBS Laboratory Recognition Scheme in accordance with the international standard ISO IEC 17025: 2005

Our Mission

“To be the leading centre of excellence in renewable energy for an East-Africa where access to modern types of energy is a reality for everybody”

Energy for Productive Use

We promote generation of power for productive uses like agro-processing businesses, tourism businesses and it also offers training for local technicians in operation and maintenance of the renewable energy technologies installed.

Rural Electrification

We focus on increasing access to electricity in off-grid areas. Some of the interventions include; mini-grids and solar energy kiosks powering business centres, health centres, schools and households.

Energy for Household Use

We provide more efficient technologies for cooking and lighting in rural areas. Some of these technologies include solar lamps and improved cookstoves.

Energy Efficiency

We conduct energy audits, applied research and trainings in energy efficiency and energy verifications. CREEC also has the capacity to conduct power quality checks and audits with beneficiaries enjoying financial savings as a result of application of our recommendations.


Energy Entreprenuership

We offer trainings for energy entrepreneurs to appreciate renewable energy as a business through information structuring and management of local renewable companies that can do installations in various RETs including biogas, solar, small hydro and improved cookstoves businesses.


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