The centre focuses on the thematic areas of rural electrification, energy for productive use, household energy and energy entrepreneurship with energy management as a cross-cutting theme. At the end of 2013, CREEC strategically reorganized its four departments (Bioenergy, Solar Photovoltaic, Pico-hydro and Energy Management) into two: Project Engineering and Testing Services. The latter does independent testing of improved cookstoves and solar PV equipment in accordance with internationally accepted testing methods and supports clients in product development and improvement. The Project Engineering department undertakes project implementation, supervision and consultancies on projects in the thematic areas.

The centre aims at application and adaptation of technologies to the specific Ugandan and local environment with an emphasis on systems with components that can be locally manufactured. For capacity building and knowledge transfer purposes, CREEC endeavors to include students in the centre’s projects whenever possible.

Areas of focus

The centre focuses on thematic areas of: rural electrification, energy for productive use, energy efficiency, energy for household use, energy testing services and energy entrepreneurship under the two departments: Project engineering and Testing Services. CREEC also carries out activities in different renewable energy technologies including

>> Biogas
>> Briquette making
>> Gasification
>> Improved Cookstoves

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