Equipped with the Stoves-Regional Testing and Knowledge Centre (RTKC), the bionergy section of CREEC focuses on areas of improved cookstoves and fuels, gasification, and biogas. On the cookstove testing front; CREEC, a partner to the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC), is recognized as an independent Regional Testing and Knowledge Centre (RTKC) offering stove and fuel testing services to manufacturers and promoters using globally accepted testing procedures. The RTKC has conducted several stove tests; most recently, the GIZ EnDev supported testing of three stove models to assess the performance of the stoves in three different environments (CREEC lab, Aprovecho lab in the USA and a Ugandan household) and to enable inter-laboratory comparison.

CREEC is a member of the National Executive Committee of the Uganda National Alliance of Clean cooking (UNACC) which is affiliated to the GACC, and the centre is leading the Standards and Testing task force.  Furthermore, CREEC is actively participating in the Technical Committee for the ISO TC 238 on cookstoves and clean cooking solutions. In addition, CREEC is part the Quality Assurance and Technical Support Technical Committee for the World Bank Africa Clean Cooking Energy Solutions (WB ACCES) initiative.

The CREEC RTKC actively participates in a wider global consortium of recognized stove testers and has shared experiences on improvement of the technical and business aspects of stove testing e.g. in the recent intensive training for RTKCs in Honduras in December 2013. A key output is the planned round robin testing for RTKCs which will allow for development of consistent and reliable testing methods and outputs.

CREEC is continuously improving and expanding its stove testing and consultancy services while sensitizing the stove fraternity and creating awareness on the need for stove and fuel testing. Recent ongoing efforts are providing preliminary stove testing results to local and regional stove producers to aid in improving their stove designs; the output will contribute to the development of a stove performance database for East-Africa.


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Head of Bioenergy

Ms. Agnes Naluwagga
Tel.: +256-713131312

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