Solar Product Testing


CREEC’s state-of-the-art solar laboratory features equipment such as an integrating sphere, spectrophotocolourimeter, PV current-voltage curve analyzer, a battery charge tester, a solar simulator and others. With this equipment, CREEC offers quality testing for a range of solar products. Manufacturers and distributors may contact the lab to arrange customized tests to assure the quality of product that they are producing or selling.



The Field Laboratory

With the Solar Energy Kiosk as Field Laboratory, CREEC wants to provide a platform to test all kind of pico‑PV products under african-real-life conditions. Customer‑oriented field tests will support the development of enhanced pico‑PV products targeting the African market. This testing service addresses on the one hand manufacturers to give support in product development and prototype testing, on the other hand companies who want to ensure high quality before adding new products to their product ranges.



To schedule a consultation with the CREEC solar department to discuss testing options for your product, please see the contact details below.

Project Engineer Solar

Ms Eileen Lara


Tel: +256-704830748