Pico/Micro Hydro-power Design and Installation


This training will cover design considerations as they apply to both low and high head pico/micro-hydro systems. The focus will be on core concepts that may be applied to a wide range of pico/micro hydro applications. Course instruction will include how to measure elevation differences and water flow rates. Several field visits and test rig runs shall be conducted during the training.

What you will learn

Participants perform preliminary system sizing for mechanical and electrical power generation of 50-watt to 100-kilowatt capacities. This workshop combines class lectures with site tours and lab exercises. Hands-on exercises include: methods of flow measurement, determining head, analyzing and assembling small functioning systems. The class is taught by three highly experienced Micro-hydro installers/instructors.

Topics shall include:

  • System Components
  • Turbine Types
  • Site Analysis
  • System Design
  • Controls
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance
  • Safety Procedures
  • Legal requirements
  • Case Studies

Target Group

The course is open but not limited to pico/micro hydropower technicians, engineers, operators, students, researchers and anyone seeking to gain an understanding of hydropower plant design and installation.

Course Duration

Five days

Apply HERE and submit to info@creec.or.ug