CREEC aims at generating hydro power starting with the smallest scale for productive use in places like agro-processing and tourism sites. At the CREEC premises, a test rig funded by GIZ is available for demonstrating such small hydro power schemes in a laboratory setting.The main role of CREEC in hydro power is training, consultancy and research. There have been a number of projects managed by CREEC under consultancy with support from PSFU.

In a Memorandum of Understanding with PSFU, CREEC is carried out a consultancy and supervision for a 3kW pico-hydro scheme at Rwenzori Mountaineering Services as well as advisory consultancy on the rehabilitation of Kagando micro-hydro power plant in western Uganda after having carried out a diagnostic study. Under these projects, training on operation and maintenance for personnel as well as training of trainers is being done. The centre also carries out periodic trainings for pico-hydro technicians. For more information click HERE