Selected projects on-going and implemented since January 2011





Feb- Dec 2023




GIZ - German Corporation for International Cooperation - SARECO




Provision of consultancy services for awareness creation, training, and advisory services on Solar powered irrigation in East and Central Uganda.

CREEC was contracted by Giz endev to carry out consultancy services for awareness creation, training, and advisory services on solar-powered irrigation in the central and East districts of Uganda.Ie Luwero, Mpigi, Mukono, Iganga, and Soroti districts.  The roles on the assignment include:

-Conduct training needs assessment for each of the categories of trainees in (solar-powered) irrigation technologies. 

-Develop training content and design training materials for training each category of trainees.  

-Deliver training for the different categories of trainees. 



Apr 2023-Apr2024



UK Innovate



Hydro Wheel – Energy Catalyst. 

The aim of this project isto develop and deploy an off-grid renewable energy system for rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa. The system will use hydrokinetic turbines to generate electricity from small rivers and streams and will be integrated with a microgrid and energy storage system to provide reliable and sustainable electricity to households and small businesses. 

CREEC is carrying out the Pilot Project Development phase in Uganda for the hydro wheel, which includes community engagement, location screening, technical field studies, and environmental and social impact assessment. 


Feb 2020 – March 2021 

The world Bank Group


Study to Identify Opportunities for Private Engagements in the Refugee Hosting Areas of Uganda under the Dutch Partnership for Improved Prospects

CREEC was contracted by IFC to undertake a market assessment of renewable energy opportunities for lighting, cooking, and productive use to deepen the knowledge and data in and around the refugee, hosting districts in Uganda and identify entry points for private sector engagement. Part of the assignment included market research on demand and supply dynamics that facilitate access to sustainable energy profiled by segment; providing initial designs for possible private sector interventions including mini-grids; conducting a willingness to pay/ability to pay survey across different refugee locations and both for refugees and host communities; analysing the regulatory framework to identify any impediments or barriers for the use of renewable energy and assessment of existing electricity tariffs in other parts of Uganda.

Jan – Jul 2023 




Development of a roadmap for the productive use of solar energy in Uganda.

CREEC has been contracted by Gogla to develop the roadmap for the productive use of solar Energy. The roadmap development involves consultation with stakeholders, research analysis, online stakeholder workshop, and adoption with key actors 

Jan – Dec 2018 

WFP through the Office of the Prime Minister 

Support for the Implementation of the environmental impact of settling refugees in refugee hosting areas in Uganda 

CREEC was contracted by the World Food Program through the office of the Prime Minister in Uganda to carry out the study. The Study assessed the extent to which the settlement of the refugees and their energy use had affected the environment (forests & vegetation) in Uganda and examined mitigating measures. Its outputs informed key decision-makers and stakeholders on how to boost support for the refugee crisis in Uganda. 


Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (Government of Uganda & World Bank  funding) 



Enhancing access to modern types of energy 

CREEC was Contracted to install a Solar PV mini-grid, a solar PV-powered kiosk renting out solar lamps, providing computer and secretarial services, and charging electronic devices. Agro-processing services powered by gasification technology and training of energy entrepreneurs in business skills.

At the end of the study, a 10kW solar mini-grid was installed in Kiboga, serving 10 commercial units and households. 

3 solar kiosks were installed in Mukono and Arua serving small commercial enterprises, households, and patients at nearby health centres. The kiosks serve over 100 persons per day. 

Gasifier installed in Opit Gulu serving a maize-growing community. 

Energy entrepreneurs trained in business skills 



Jan – Jun 2023 

Loughborough University, UK


E-Pressure Cookers & Solar Mini-grid:

A study on Customer behaviors and Power plant performances for a bankable mini-grid business model Under Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS) project. 

CREEC was contracted to carry out a study on How mini-grids can incorporate EPCs and how this can be scaled in future mini-grid projects 


September 2022-Dec 2023 


Instant solar PV technology training for technicians in Uganda.

CREEC was Contracted to Train over 100 solar PV technicians in the refugee host districts of Adjumani, Moyo, and Obongi on solar PV system technology. So far, over 100 Solar Pv technicians were trained and given start-up, kits and 50 solar PV technicians are being Trained. 

February 2022-June 2022 

Berkeley Air Monitoring Group 

Assessment of University of Zambia Cookstove Testing Laboratory in Zambia.

CREEC Carried out an assessment of the current capabilities of the Stove Testing facilities at the Technology Development and Advisory Unit (TDAU) at the University of Zambia and make recommendations to the Government of Zambia (GRZ) and advise It as to how its capacity can be strengthened to enable it to operate as the Zambian center of excellence for stove assessment using current ISO/IWA stove testing standards 

 Feb 2022 – Sept 2022 


GIZ –GBE Small Fund

GIZ - German Corporation for International Cooperation - SARECO

Conducting solar-specific technical training and skills development in four regions of Uganda 

The following are the roles on assignemnet CREEC conducted ; Trainings  of Technicians – certification recap training in Nothern, western, eastern, and central regions 

-Follow-up calls to technicians to get feedback regarding the training impact, areas of improvement, and any other technical challenges interfaced in the fields 

– Work with TIV to ensure the right technical personnel are onboarded onto the platform by undertaking a rigorous vetting process 


Aug 2021 -Dec 2021 

Energy Commission, Ghana 


Technical capacity building of local stove manufacturers, cookstove associations, Policy makers, and stove testers on the basics of cookstove design and interpretation of laboratory test results. 

The following are the roles of the assignment CREEC Conducted.

  1. Decipher the fundamentals of production development and stove design 
  1. Redress the challenges of stove construction materials selection by matching stove performance to materials properties 
  1. Educate trainees on relevant stove testing protocols. 
  • Develop a training report highlighting gaps identified among participants during both the virtual and physical training 
  • Developing the training material that guided 


Aug 2021 – May 2022 


Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) 



Promoting Solar Powered Irrigation and Pumping in Uganda.

Roles on the Assignment 

1) CREEC Conducted a  training needs assessment for each of the categories of trainees in (solar-powered) irrigation technologies ie Farmers, Technicians, District Agricultural Engineers, and Bankers 

2.) Developed training content and designed training materials for training each category of trainees.  

3.) Delivered training for the different categories of trainees i.e., Farmers, Technicians, District Agricultural officers, and Banking officers.  Each session of training had a maximum of 50 trainees


Mar2020– Sept 2022 



Compilation of a Practical and Illustrated Assembly and Exercise Manual for a Solar PV Training Stand & Training of Trainers.

Roles Conducted by CREEC

1) Created a true-to-scale schematic drawing of the solar PV training stand including illustrations of the main components showing their location and interconnections.  

2) Developed a practical and professionally illustrated manual combining assembly instructions with a collection of 30 practical exercises and experiments for a Solar PV Training Stand & Training of Trainers for the selected VTIs in Uganda.  

3) Implemented a 5-day solar PV training course for trainers (ToT) for 25-50 participants.

 4) Assisted one further VTI in setting up 10-15 training stands and training 5-6 VTI lecturers and teachers.



August 2020- February 2021 

Grüne Bürgerenergie (GBE), GIZ  



 Inspection of solar off-grid PV systems at up 30 health centres in West Nile sub-region, design & costing of rehabilitation, replacement, new installation and upgrading works as well as verification of works.

Visits to 30 health centres III and IV in West Nile sub-region; inspect the state and functionality of existing solar systems supplying wards and staff houses, assess how existing systems can be rehabilitated or need replacement, properly size all replacement and new systems to adequately cover the electricity demand, design and cost all works, replacement and upgrading or fully new systems, and inspect all works after implementation. 


GIZ EnDEV, Uganda 


Conducting Baseline Assessment for market-Based Energy access for scale up project in refugee settlements in Uganda 

CREEC carried out an Assessment of the energy market supply and demand situations in 4 refugee settlements and host communities for appropriateness to implement Market based energy access interventions in Uganda.

2018 –  2019 

United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) 


Increasing consumer awareness and protection for off-grid solar.

The project was scoped as follows: Implementing a regional awareness campaign, developing a market surveillance plan for solar products, developing a quality assurance framework, training key government stakeholders on product testing and market surveillance as well as solar technicians on the technical aspects of solar. 


Jun 2018 – Feb 2019 

Fair Trade Africa (FTA) 

Consultancy for training, production and sale of improved cook stoves that use coffee husks under improved cookstove project for GREAN Project with a goal of implementing a carbon project program.

CREEC Trained Over 30 farmer trainers from cooperative unions in Western and Central Uganda on the technical and business aspects of improved energy technologies in preparation for implementation of a carbon credit programme in the farmer communities. Followup assessments were done to check implementation. 

Sept 2010 – Sept 2012 

World Bank 

Biomass Energy Initiative for Africa (BEIA): Enabling market conditions through training of tinsmiths to produce, sell and market TopLit UpDraft (TLUD) gasifier cookstoves covering both technical as entrepreneurial skills 

CREEC Carried out Penetration: 80 tinsmiths trained, 18 exhibitions, 10 news features, 5 tv features, 7 radio stations, outreach to 27 districts and 3500 households. There were 3 business spinoffs, Awamu bio-energy which is still established to date, Mwoto factories and Pamoja 

Aug 2015 – June 2017 

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) 

Up-scaling generation, commercialization and utilization of biomass waste-based green energy sources in Uganda with a focus on biogas and carbonized briquettes. Focus regions, Kampala and Mbarara.

CREEC Conducted Technical and business capacity building for over 30 MSMES in the districts of western and Central regions, Conducted Awareness creation for over 200 people on biogas technologies.