Other Services

The centre offers the following services:

Energy Testing

CREEC has two state of the art laboratories for biomass and solar PV products. The independent Regional Testing and Knowledge Centre (RTKC) offers stove and fuel testing services to stove manufacturers and promoters, using globally accepted testing procedures. The Solar PV laboratory offers testing services according to Lighting Africa standards for solar PV products such as solar modules, batteries, lamps, panels, converters and pico-PV products.

Project Implementation

CREEC offers high quality skills and resources and is a trusted agent for planning, implementation and delivery of sustainable energy projects.

Consultancy services

With an extensive experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency CREEC is strategically positioned to offer expert advice on renewable energy.

Baseline Studies

CREEC can design and and implement baseline and market potential studies, develop innovative methods and models, conduct primary and secondary data collection, meta-analysis and synthesis.

Energy management and audits

CREEC provides training, research and consultancy services to industrial companies and institutions on the optimum utilization of energy to minimize costs and increase profits.