Regional Testing and Knowledge Centre (RTKC)

The Regional Testing and Knowledge Centre (RTKC)

CREEC, a partner to the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA), is recognized as an independent Regional Testing and Knowledge Centre (RTKC) offering stove and fuel testing services to manufacturers and promoters using globally accepted testing procedures. CREEC is also a member of the National Executive Committee of the Uganda National Alliance of Clean cooking (UNACC) which is affiliated to Clean Cooking Alliance. The centre is also leading the Standards and Testing taskforce.

The CREEC RTKC actively participates in a wider global consortium of recognized stove testers and has shared experiences on improvement of the technical and business aspects of stove testing. CREEC is continuously improving and expanding its stove testing and consultancy services while sensitizing the stove fraternity and creating awareness on the need for stove and fuel testing. The RTKC is not only a stoves and fuel laboratory for conducting pratical cooking tests, trainings and applied research in bionergy technologies.

Objective of RTKC:

To advance stove and fuel testing services through globally accepted testing procedures for the East-African region with a knowledge hub in bio-energy technologies, research, design and development.

Testing services

  • Stove testing
  • Fuel testing
  • Stove design assessment and recommendations

Other services

  • Project implementation
  • Awareness and sensitization
  • Baseline and feasibility studies
  • Capacity building
  • Consultancies