A solar Technician testing for the efficiency of a Solar bulb.

This course provides participants with knowledge related to solar testing both in the field and in the laboratory. It aims at equipping participants with the technical know-how of the Solar testing process and understanding of solar performance measures, equipment used for testing as well as the different test protocols or guidelines. Besides understanding the theoretical aspects, it also incorporates an aspect of hands on training or practical testing.

This course is about training you on how you can ascertain the truth, genuineness mainly of batteries, panels, lanterns, inverters, charge controllers, installation materials and many other solar products.

The training covers the following aspects;-

·         ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Requirement for competence Testing and calibration laboratories.

·         Tests and measurements according to IEC 62257-9-5 (Pico Systems), Section one.

·         Tests and measurements according to IEC 62257-9-5 (Pico Systems), section two.

·         Tests and measurements on Charge Controllers.

·         Tests and measurements on Lighting Systems.

·         Tests and measurements on Batteries.

·         Tests and measurements on panels.

·         Data analysis and report writing.

·         Compilation of test report from different test data sets during the training.

Target groups.

The target groups are solar technicians, regulatory authorities, any other interested parties.
Course Duration.
Five days of comprehensive and practical skilling on the fundamentals of Solar testing.
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