What We Do

Areas of focus

The centre focuses on thematic areas of: rural electrification, energy for productive use, energy efficiency, energy for household use, energy testing services and energy entrepreneurship under the two departments: Project engineering and Testing Services.

Our Impact

With a diverse range of clients spanning from national and local governments, donor organizations, NGOs, academia, private sector bodies and students, the Centre’s growth is intrinsically linked to Uganda’s influential role within the development of the renewable energy sector across East Africa.

CREEC advocates for clean energy through actionable research and renewable energy product testing, training, and innovation. One of the key contributors to CREEC’s success is the centre’s engagement with communities in the design and development of renewable energy interventions.  This has ensured ownership of the interventions co-developed with the centre but also a great way to ensure sustainability of interventions.  Through these continual energy efficiency interventions, CREEC has accumulated over 10 Megawatts of power, and is currently working with partners and the Centre’s large network to upscale this capacity.   The centre has also expanded her network of 4000 individuals and businesses with a presence in 25countries.

To drive more impact, CREEC are currently integrating a concept called, ‘Design to Improve Life’. Through this approach, research is designed to improve life by considering the form, impact, and context. Thanks to CREEC’s recent accreditation by the Ministry of Education and Sports, the assessment centre can conduct competence-based training in line with the Uganda Vocational Qualifications Framework (UVQF).