Regional Testing and Knowledge Centre

The CREEC Regional Testing and Knowledge Centre is a knowledge hub providing quality cookstove testing services and information to energy stakeholders in the African region; through actionable research informative testing and consulting. The centre is a partner to the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) and is recognized as an independent Regional Testing and Knowledge Centre (RTKC) that has implemented over 150 cookstove testing projects. The RTKC has established a state of the art laboratory with quality equipment that is recognized under the Uganda National Bureau of Standards laboratory recognition Scheme in accordance with ISO IEC 17025 which also guarantees accurate results derived from testing products like stoves or cooking fuels. On the other hand the centre also carries out trainings for stove and fuel manufacturers an initiative to improve their design and ensure optimum performance of cookstoves.

CREEC is a member of the National Executive Committee of the Uganda National Alliance for  Clean cooking (UNACC) which is affiliated to the GACC, and the centre is leading the Standards and Testing task force. Recently the centre also actively participated in the design of a cookstove testing standard for Uganda alongside the Uganda National Alliance for Clean cooking aimed at providing a benchmark for the performance of cookstoves in Uganda.   Furthermore, CREEC is actively participating in the Technical Committee for the ISO TC 238 on cookstoves and clean cooking solutions. In addition to that, CREEC is part of the Quality Assurance and Technical Support Technical Committee for the World Bank Africa Clean Cooking Energy Solutions (WB ACCES) initiative.

Our centre actively participates in a wider global consortium of recognized stove testers and has shared experiences on improvement of the technical and business aspects of stove testing e.g.In 2016, CREEC actively participated and organized the International Design and Development Summit that was an intense, three-week, hands-on design experience to co-create and improve technologies to address the health and environment challenges faced by the three billion people who cook food with traditional cookstoves or open fires. CREEC has since organised similar training programs in 2019 to give stove manufacturers an opportunity to design products that can meet the needs and challenges of their potential clients. Here the RTKC also extends its service to manufacturers out of the laboratory setting  while working towards having quality products that can perform very well even when tested in the laboratory.  For more information please contact;

Head of Bioenergy

Ms. Agnes Naluwagga
Tel.: +256-772 121458