Energy management

Energy Management

The department provides training, research and consultancy services to industrial companies and institutions on the optimum utilisation of energy to minimise costs and increase profits. The goals of good energy management are three-fold: globally, reduced energy consumption, especially in the larger industrial companies, mitigates the effects of climate change; nationally, the need for building expensive new generation is delayed as saved demand makes more power available and mitigates load shedding; and individually, both companies and individuals enjoy better quality energy utilisation at reduced cost. The department has developed and continues to build capacity to undertake comprehensive energy and power quality audits in institutions, industries and commercial enterprises. The energy audits identify areas where clients can save energy and contain recommendations on practical energy efficiency measures that can be implemented to achieve this. An important part of CREEC’s services is to impart the skills of good energy management to those in charge of energy usage in public and private companies. CREEC currently has a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) to train a Certified Energy Manager and a number of Energy Auditors. The department also works with international and regional partners on capacity building and knowledge transfer initiatives. Under the MoU with PSFU, the department verifies the energy savings accrued from the installation of energy efficient equipment in industries by a third party company. This it does using specialized equipment and analysis tools. At the Energy Management department, we are passionate about energy efficiency and we do help clients to minimize their energy expenditure and hence maximize profits.

Head of Energy Management

Alvi Araka  Tel:0783306058