CREEC conducted our technician’s training for Solar Powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS) today. The two cohort five (5) day trainings were aimed at capacitating these technicians & engineers with the knowledge to design and maintain SPIS with the end goal of promoting sustainable energy for small holder farmers! 

The training compromised practical hands-on sessions where participants learned how to select the right pump, obtain a PV array design from software, and which important factors to put into consideration like location, grounding, lighting, and wiring. Empowering these young individuals brings us one step closer to a more sustainable future. 

We then moved to the next two cohorts for the 5day Technical training of the engineers on Solar Powered Irrigation Systems. Our trainees were fully equipped with the knowledge and information to ensure that they can operate on these Systems to sustain solar powered irrigation systems from the different districts they come from. The participants were also encouraged to train other engineers to ensure solar powered irrigation remains sustainable in the long run.  

Agricultural extension officers were also trained and completed their training in Solar Powered Irrigation Systems. The five days residential training also had representatives from different regions of the country. With this training, the extension officers are in a better position to advise farmers on the different available irrigation options and how to choose the most appropriate technologies, sustainable farming practices and many more. Knowledge from all these training courses will be replicated and shared by the participants until the last mile person from the different districts they all come from. This project was implemented by CREEC in partnership with SPRINKTECH LIMITED alongside our funders Energising Development (EnDev) and GIZ Uganda  

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