On 25th March 2017, CREEC celebrated Earth Hour with the rest of world. This is an annual environmental campaign that aims to create awareness on the effects of climate change which needs for continued dialogue and action. Organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature, the event encourages people to switch off non-essential lights there for uniting people to save the planet.


CREEC through providing sustainable and alternative forms of energy has made contributions to combat climate change using avenues like applied research, training, project implementation and consultancy. While working closely with private sector, local government, CSOs and international governments the centre has come up with innovations, projects, awareness programs and campaigns to enhance access to modern types of energy. With state of the art laboratories CREEC also tests both stoves and solar PV products for efficiency and with the tests results helps manufacturers and designers to make modifications and improve the quality of their products that can better meet the needs of the target customers.20150707_120937(0)

 A view of the CREEC solar lab

Much as there is still a gap in dissemination of information of sustainable forms of energy, CREEC has made efforts to bridge the gap and ensuring that information is available to people both in rural and urban areas. This has been done through exhibitions, promotions and also through applied research. For instance, CREEC through the presidential initiative fund has set up four solar kiosks. These are small shops that rent out solar lamps to communities at a cost equivalent to the amount they would use to purchase paraffin. This has increased the adoption of solar PV products in the country as the communities eventually purchase their own solar systems after having a firsthand experience with the product.

Climate change continues to be a global challenge that does not respect national borders therefore united efforts are needed to ensure climate resilience.

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