The Center for Energy Development and Health at Colorado State University will prepare training materials and lessons for CREEC RTKC.  The project consisted of four components: (i) preparation of training materials, (ii) online/remote training to provide background information to CREEC team, (iii) in-person training to solidify lessons and provide hands on experience, and (iv) three months of remote support.

The following trainings were provided

  • Black Carbon Testing
  • Testo 350 Emissions Testing
  • Durability Testing
  • Data Management For each of the trainings above, the following tasks were conducted prior to the in-person training
  • DSC_0131

A stove test being carried out in the new RTKC lab at CREEC.

Dr. Christian L’Orange conducted the in-person training which will allow for CREEC to share the same material in future when training new staff or when staff needs refresher material. These trainings will also improve of the efficiency of the CREEC laboratory as well as ensuring the Regional Testing and Knowledge Centre is utilized maximumly. The training will also help in the development of quality assurance and quality control steps for the laboratory.

For evaluation of the training the CSU team will prepare basic quizzes and tests to evaluate the CREEC teams understanding of each of the training topics presented above.  These evaluations were administered both after the virtual training as well after the in-person training.  By conducting the evaluation after the virtual training Dr. L’Orange will be able to better focus the in-person trainings. Conducting the evaluations again after the in-person trainings Dr. L’Orange and the CREEC management was able to strategize what ongoing training needs to be conducted during the three months of follow-up support.

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