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CREEC has engaged in various capacity-building activities with the goal of creating a community of people with the knowledge and skills to implement, install and manage renewable energy projects, and influence the adoption of clean technologies in Uganda and the broader East African context. These capacity-building activities include external trainings for CREEC staff, specialised trainings for professionals in the energy sector and various engagements with students.

Specialized trainings for professionals in the energy sector

CREEC has also offered specialised trainings for professionals in the energy sector in the fields of solar testing, cook stove testing, cookstove design, energy management, PICO/MICRO hydro power design and installation, biomass gasification and energy efficiency. In 2016, CREEC launched periodic solar technician training, which has been occurring two to three times per year ever since. The centre has also offered workshops in bio-gas business development, faecal sludge business development, scientific writing and PV fundamentals and technical sales.


 “I had never thought that I could acquire so much knowledge in just a very short period of time. I experienced a great achievement of knowledge, skills, expertise, and priceless attitude and passion towards solar energy. The trainers and all involved administrators were wonderful, hospitable and approachable, which gave us the best environment and atmosphere to learn. Altogether, it was a wonderful experience. Most of the questions I had regarding solar power, were answered. The topic of sizing was magical, and ever since then, most of the people I have helped to setup solar power for their homes have greatly appreciated. Right now, people keep looking for me to either join their teams or advise and work on their solar plans” – Gerald Sekiti Sona, Sustainability Engineer from Watoto Childcare Ministries (CREEC trainee)

 “Good training, I liked the practical sessions. The training gave me skills and knowledge that helps me to efficiently exercise my duties as a lecturer, since better trained lecturers produce high quality graduates, leading to a world class system” – Jackson Mutegeki, Lecturer at Nyabyeya Forestry College (CREEC trainee)

“This training has enabled me to make accurate calculations when making surveys and when making quotations. I have an electrical background, but this training has enabled me to advance to solar installations” – Katongole Henry (CREEC trainee)


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Our centre is accredited by the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports to provide competence based trainings. Trainees are therefore assessed by the Directorate of Industrial Training after which they are issued a Workers PAS certificate. This legitimate form of certification ensures our trainees have a recognized certificate that can be presented and accepted by any employer.

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