Based on past training experience, CREEC has sited that there is need to expand man power skills for solar technicians in both urban and rural areas.  Much as many people want to acquire skills there are not many places in the country where they can acquire the required skill set. It’s for this reason that CREEC has expanded energy solutions country wide. The research centre will enroll periodic trainings for solar technicians on stand-alone solar home system for all interested individuals and institutions. The centre has the capacity to train technicians in stand-alone solar home systems, site survey, sizing, electrical basics, installation, troubleshooting, rectification, repairs and maintenance after which training on hybrid systems will be enrolled which will include grid tie etc.


Participants in a practical session during the solar training at CREEC

The first periodic training of this kind was held at CREEC from 22nd-26th August 2016. It was a competence based experience where theory was done concurrently with practical sessions and trainees were assessed at the end to ascertain those that were successful and those that required follow up training.The objective for these trainings is to ensure that the country has well trained technicians at all levels to help install solar systems, maintain and repair broken solar systems. This will boost the use of the solar technology in the country and is an opportunity to equip the youth with technical skills enabling them to be job creators rather than job seekers.

By the end of the training, trainees were pleased to be in position to size, install, troubleshoot, repair & maintain a solar home system properly while observing safety precautions. The availability of quality manpower skills will boost the adoption of the solar technology therefore discouraging the use of fossils fuel like kerosene which has got numerous disadvantages such as fire hazards, costly, environmentally unfriendly as it releases bad fumes. The next training will be held in November 2016 so be sure to join this wonderful experience.

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  • Abdallah Sekitoleko September 19, 2016 at 4:59 am Reply

    Currently i work with Davis and Shirtliff Ltd, i will soon leave come 2017 thats why i gave a private email address.
    At University i chose to major and practice Energy conversation (Solar), i very much appreciate these trainings, please continue with it, though the training seems to be expensive for a mere Technician, can we work with Development partners i.e. GIZ, PSFU & Gov’t to subsidize.

    Thank you

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