OXFAM in collaboration with the Climate Action Network Uganda implemented a youth empowerment initiative with the aim of enhancing the role of the youth especially young women in driving progress towards strong climate change action and gender parity in Uganda. CREEC recognizes that the youth play a big role as agents of change full of innovative ideas; a resource that could be tapped to drive  Uganda towards a low carbon and resilient future. CREEC accelerated the young people’s leadership in the fight against climate by offering skills, information and experience to motivate the youth during an exhibition that was held alongside the workshop.


 Claire Turyahebwa from CREEC engaging the youth in a discussion

CREEC shone light on issues like black carbon and how it contributes to climate change and what the centre is doing to help reduce the levels and its impacts through the different projects and programs. CREEC carries out applied research on alternative fuels for cooking  and lighting that can help to reduce the impact of black carbon. Some of the cooking fuels include pellets, briquettes and solar lamps for lighting. CREEC also offers training for installation of solar PV products, stove and fuel testing,  stove design to mention but a few. It was also identified that most of the youth do not know where to go when looking for information therefore it was a refreshment to identify CREEC as a one stop centre for applied research in renewable energy which is a key element in averting climate change.

It is important to note that CREEC has black carbon testing equipment and also does does other tests like stove testing and solar PV testing which helps to ensure the efficiency of such products on the markets.


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