CREEC collaborates with Denmark based film makers to make a documentary on waste to energy.

On 22nd March 2015, CREEC  in collaboration with a Denmark based film company shot a documentary about turning waste to energy. The documentary was shot in Bweyayu, Kaliro district. This was a fantastic location because the economic activity in this community is growing sugarcane which the farmers supply to the Kaliro sugar factory a  and yet the bagasse which is  a by-product of the sugar production process can be used to create a liquid fuel that can be used in cook-stoves.A story was built around a farmer who produces sugarcane for the company and at the end is able to get a biofuel from the production process.HUJ

1.1. Aerial view of the Kaliro sugar factory where the farmers deliver there sugarcane and can potentially biofuel from there too.

CREEC also went with a sample of this kind of a stove that cooks using a liquid bio-fuel and showed the community how the stove operates and they saw for themselves how this stove could be a great replacement for the poor cooking methods they were accustomed to. Aida a resident of Bweyayu was interviewed and she mentioned that she got breathing complications as a result of being in a poorly ventilated kitchen which was made worse by her use of firewood. She was impressed with the soot less stove that CREEC used for demonstration and also by how fast it cooked. By the end of the shoot, the farmers who had been accustomed to burning trees for charcoal were  now more than willing investing in getting themselves a stove and they also made very good suggestions as to what modifications that could be done on the stove so that it could meet the various cooking needs of the community people. This documentary will soon be ready and will be posted and shared on the website so look out for it.

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