Starting 26-27th April 2018 CREEC hosted a training dubbed Holistic Approaches to Renewable Energy Management. The two day training attracted 40 project managers and was organized under the African Clean Energy Research Alliance (ACERA) which is a consortium that includes the University of Leeds in the UK, Makerere University in Uganda, Université Marien Ngouabi in Congo Brazzaville and Dar es salaam Institute of Technology Tanzania. A project manager is usually tasked with having to oversee majority of the projects in there organization, keep donors and clients informed of what is going on as well as look for potential clients and donors at the same time, but how is one able to juggle the different tasks and still ensure efficiency and quality output? The training aimed at looking at the mistakes and challenges that project managers face when implementing renewable energy projects while also providing solutions.

Participants during a practical session

Some of the topics from the training included;

  • Presentations from Phd students
  • A Phd supervisors perspective
  • Development of the MOOC
  • APP LAB on financial management
  • Intergrating communication into project management
  • Information and Knowledge Management
  • Data management
  • Human Resource management

The sessions included practical sessions to create an environment where the 40 participants can recognize the mistakes they make while handling projects. Some of the participants were even take back by how much money and potential funding they had lost in the past because of failing to deliver reports or accountability on time, lack of records and even failing to plan a project before hand but rather hoping things will just fall into place on their own. The training provided tools that the trainees could use to keep track of the activities going on in a project so as to ensure efficiency and maximum productivity. We would like to appreciate the participants for their active participation in this training and for being engaged in all the sessions. Presentations from this training are available on request. Keep up to date with all the training opportunities by reading the CREEC monthly newsletter or visit the CREEC website at and view the training menu for all the upcoming opportunities at the centre.

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