CREEC in collaboration with Knowledge Management Associates from Austria organized and hosted a Knowledge management workshop on 11th May 2016 at the CEDAT conference hall. The conference that was attended by guests from academia, NGOs and private sector was centered around creating a Kampala Knowledge City which will be the first Knowledge city in Africa after cities like Vienna.


The participants of the workshop posing together. “Together we can make this city what we want it to be”

The Kampala Knowledge City is an ideology of an inclusive city with a network of equal opportunities for all people to develop their individual and organizational potential. The Knowledge Partnership will enable the effective cooperation of the Ugandan people, organizations and corporations that are committed to a responsible use of knowledge in the society. By sharing knowledge and ideas, attractive, practical and sustainable concepts of knowledge politics are developed and put into practice. The more knowledgeable an economy like Uganda, the more profit by having a strategic and integrated approach to developing, sharing, innovating, capturing and leveraging on knowledge.

This will be a united effort by all the citizens of both Kampala and Uganda in general where in all our different capacities we shall all contribute to creating a city of continuous collaboration, facilitated agreed targets, adequate, shared financial commitment with professional tools of knowledge sharing balanced inputs and benefits. But this is not a transformation that can be made by one person. It’s a collaborative effort by both me and you. So, what can you contribute towards the Kampala Knowledge City and how do you intend to build the Kampala Knowledge City which will be the first knowledge city in Africa.



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