Following the decline in business activities in September and October in Omugo and Otumbari, plans for re-establishing the financial growth for the kiosks kicked off on 25th October 2016. Announcements for new kiosk operators in Omugo and Otumbari were made through the local leaders who made recommendations for the potential candidates. Candidates were interviewed and two qualified people were selected.

The solar kiosks were established to help communities gain access to small solar PV products like solar lamps and also to help people appreciate the technology by having a firsthand experience with it. It was important for CREEC to find an operator that can continue to advocate for use of solar as well as be in position to help respond to any questions that the community members could be having as regards to the technology. The new operators were also taken through a training session to prepare them and also teach them how to maintain the kiosks.

solar lamp userDifferent users of the solar lamps in Omugo and Otumburi pose with their lamps.

During this visit, CREEC took the opportunity to speak to different community members so as to assess the impact of the kiosks to the community. The kiosks in Omugo and Otumbari not only provide lanterns for rent but phone charging among other services therefore it was important to know how these services have been of benefit to the people in these communities. This process involved visiting homes, shops and small restaurants that used these lanterns for their daily activities.

“55year old Ajuga Anceto uses about three sunking eco lanterns for lighting different rooms in his home therefore providing light for his children to do their school work and this has help to improve their grades.”

Olema Amos says “I use the sunking eco to provide light for my baby at home which avoids risks of burns from kerosene lamps and candles.”

From the different people that we approached it was realized that the solar kiosks have become part of the community in Omugo and Otumbari therefore it is important for them that they are very efficient on a daily basis. It is also important to note that using the solar lamps from the kiosks has enabled people to reduce on the use of kerosene lamps.



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