CREEC introduces solar clubs to schools

CREEC introduces solar clubs to schools
In a continuous effort to increase uptake of solar PV technology at all levels in the country, CREEC’s Solar Lamps for Health and Wealth campaign team introduced solar clubs to five upcountry schools to sensitize students and enrich students with knowledge about solar technologies.
Through Memoranda of Understanding with school managements, CREEC gave out 15 different lamps to each school club and questionnaires for collection of data about the performance and quality of lamps. The centre agreed to work with these schools in a mutually beneficial manner in order to easily promote the technology among people. Some of the key issues to be researched about include the functionality, durability and user behaviour of these lamps.

Students of Sacred Heart Girls solar club admire the lamps
Students of Sacred Heart Girls solar club admire the lamps

Solar clubs in Nothern and Western Uganda
The schools visited during the quarter include Sacred Heart Girls School in Gulu, Moroto High School in Moroto, Rwenzori High School in Kasese, and Okufura Secondary School in Arua. The clubs were established in partnership with GIZ Energy EXplorerz in collaboration with school managements.

Some of the lamps that have been given to the school solar club include d.light S 10, firefly TM Mobiles, SUN KING Pro, ASE SOLAR, Sundial TSL01, and others.

Solar clubs in Central and Eastern Uganda

Solar clubs have been introduced to Green Valley High School in the Kyebando neighbourhood of Kampala and Kaliro Teachers College in Kaliro District of the eastern region.

Kaliro Teacher's College solar club members
Kaliro Teacher’s College solar club members

How it works:
After CREEC has established a club and a patron elected by the club team members, they all agree on a schedule under which the lamps are going to be used. CREEC issues out copies of a questionnaire each user is supposed to fill out every time they borrow a lamp from the patron.

We hope that students can learn and appreciate the goodness of using clean solar energy as compared to using kerosene lamps and tadoobas for reading at night. They can also share their experience and promote these lamps at household levels.

This campaign started in March 2013 and it is part of the five year solar technologies project under the Presidential Initiative Programme implemented by the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology in Makerere University.

Other activities that have been part of this campaign are awareness creation and promotional activities in local markets surrounding Kampala surburbs of Kitintale, Makerere where CREEC has teamed up with distributors to promote solar PV technology.

Selection of schools

• CREEC in partnership with Energy Explorerz of GIZ created links with schools interested in solar PV technology in upcountry regions.

• Further research was done into the level of interest and commitment of students to run a club like that one.

• CREEC selected 5 upcountry schools with the help of Energy Explorerz and one school from Kampala.

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