CREEC signed an MOU with Kampala Capital City Authority recognizing that Climate Change is real and poses a threat to the livelihoods and development aspirations of the people of Kampala and the rest of the world in general. Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) with support from French Government through Expertise France, French Development Agency (AFD) and (FFEM) as part of the africa4climate programme, has developed a Kampala Climate Change Action Strategy for the city.

The strategy aims to ensure the City’s development path takes a low emission approach, builds resilience and maximizes the co-benefits of efficiency, economic diversity and human well being. The Climate Change Strategy builds on the ambition of the Strategic plan 2014-2019 to transform Kampala City into an attractive, vibrant and sustainable world class city.


Mary Suzan Abbo the managing director of CREEC alongside partners of the Kampala Climate Change Action Strategy. Centre on the front row is Dr Jennifer Semakula Musisi the Executive Director of KCCA.

Partners like CREEC together with KCCA signed the Climate Change commitment Charter to take conscious actions within their organization meant to address climate change issues. With this Charter, partners made the commitment to:

  • Support the Kampala Climate Change Action Strategy
  • Act with an action plan for mitigation and adaptation
  • Share best practices, new ideas and learn from one another
  • Develop knowledge about climate change and energy issues
  •  Raise awareness in an organization about climate change and energy issues
  • Assess water and energy consumptions, GhG emissions and air quality impacts
  • Annually report achievements to the Stakeholders’ Forum
  • Prioritize issues concerning;
    • Renewable energies and energy efficiency
    • Waste and waste water management
    • Transport and mobility
    • Efficient building and land use
    • Biodiversity and conservation
    • Green procurement and investment methods
    • Research and innovation
    • Communication and participation
    • Financing and project support for climate responsive projects

    CREEC has made tremendous efforts through projects, promotions, research, innovations, energy testing, energy audits and training to encourage the Ugandan community to adopt sustainable forms of energy to reduce on the emissions put out into the environment.

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