Trainees(now technicians) pose with their certificates after the training.

As demand for solar keeps on increasing, the need to have the required technical knowledge on solar also keeps on increasing. CREEC has for a while been carrying out trainings in solar and this was the third training this year.

The training aims at equipping trainees with skills to become skilled solar technicians with comprehensive know how on photo voltaic hands on training combining both technical components and designing optimized PV stand alone systems.

The training ran from 18th to 22nd September 2017. During this months training, seven participants were present for the solar training and by the end of the training, the title of trainees could no longer apply to them. A one Odoki Francis, one of the trainees was asked how he felt after the training. He replied,” I feel like after this training, i should go and open up my own solar company.”

The key training topics were,

  • Basic fundamentals and safety aspects of solar P.V Technology
  • System Components
  • System sizing
  • Installation of Solar P.V Systems.
  • Trouble shooting, Repair and Maintenance of stand alone Solar Systems

Below is brief breakdown of what happened on each day.

The training kicked off with trainings on the solar PV System and later in the day, there were practical lessons on using one solar PV module and using two identical PV modules.

On the second day, there were trainings on batteries, Charge controllers and invertors. Later that day, there were practical hands on lessons on Battery tests and PV system installation using practise Boards.

The third day into the training, we had PV system sizing, PV system Installation and a practical continuation on the PV system sizing and installation using Practice boards.

On the fourth day, there were lessons in PV System trouble shooting that is to say, Repair and maintenance, Identifying faulty components, Simple faults identification and common faults in PV system. Later, there were practicals on Trouble shooting, Single Components and system performance.

On the fifth day, there were interactions between trainers and trainees, lessons on the Economic Analysis of Solar PV Systems and handover of certificates to the solar trainees by the managing Director.

We would like to thank the entire public for your continued support rendered to CREEC to ensure a successful training programme. We look forward to your continued participation and involvement in the activities done at CREEC.


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