After one makes a commitment to adopt the solar technology, one of the worst things they could encounter is getting in contact with an unskilled solar technician who does not really know how to meet the needs of their client. These are some of the challenges that the CREEC solar training tried to address in the third periodic solar training. With participants from both from Uganda and the neighboring countries the training held by CREEC started on 24th -28th April 2017.

The thirteen participants had the opportunity to participate in a competence based training experience where theory was done concurrently with practical sessions and trainees were assessed at the end to ascertain those that were successful and those that required follow up training. The objective for these trainings is to ensure that the country has well trained technicians at all levels to help install solar systems, maintain and repair broken solar systems. This will complement the adoption of the solar technology in the country and is an opportunity to equip the youth with technical skills enable them meet the current demand for solar technicians which is a result of the increasing adoption of solar.

By the end of the training, trainees were able to size, install, troubleshoot, repair & maintain a solar home system properly while observing safety precautions. The availability of quality manpower skills will boost the adoption of the solar technology therefore discouraging the use of fossils fuel like kerosene which has got numerous disadvantages such as fire hazards, costly, environmentally unfriendly as it releases bad fumes. CREEC is already making arrangements for the next solar technician training in August 2017 particularly targeting girls.

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