CREEC trains technicians in Solar PV

CREEC’s solar PV department in partnership with Solar Engineering International Ltd trained solar technicians in Soroti, Kumi and Kampala in form of seminars. The first training that took place in Soroti was carried out from 11th to 13th July 2012 where 79 participants were trained in solar PV.

This was the first of many such interactions as Solar Engineering International Ltd prepares to set up an office in Uganda and distribute quality solar equipment to people.

The second training, carried out in Kumi district was held from 29th to 31st August 2012 in which 94 technicians were trained and 45 were trained in Kampala district from 28th to 30th September this year.

Spearheaded by Steffen Wassler, CREEC’s Head of solar PV Department and accompanied by Joseph Mukasa (intern in the department), the trainers presented practical skills to participants where two complete home systems were set up during one of the training sessions. These trainings enriched trainees with knowledge about solar PV power and its use in domestic environments.

Participants in interactive training sessions got hands-on experience in the areas of; sources and forms of Energy, solar energy, solar PV system basics, solar PV modules, solar PV system component: batteries, charge controllers and inverters, PV module installation, PV system sizing and installation and PV system troubleshooting.

  • Sources and forms of Energy
  • Solar energy
  • Solar PV system basics
  • Solar PV modules
  • Solar PV system components: batteries, charge controllers and inverters,
  • PV module Installation
  • PV system sizing and installation
  • PV system troubleshooting

Since phase one was intended to introduce solar technology to the trainees, much focus was put on the theory of this technology.The delivery of such trainings is just one of the many services offered by the solar PV department of CREEC at Makerere University.

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