Empowering Women for Sustainable Generations

CREEC has actively engaged women in designing of renewable energy projects as a way of bridging the gender gap.

It is estimated that by 2040, renewable energy could provide more than 40 percent of all power generation capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa. But, despite the sector’s importance, women are being left behind. Women lag men in leadership and technical jobs in the renewable energy sector and represent just one third of the renewable energy workforce worldwide, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency. The gender gap is driven by unequal access to education, limited access for women to technical skills and training opportunities, as well as unfair company policies, among other factors.

CREEC in the recent years has strengthened its initiatives which are focused on bridging the gender gaps and increasing women’s participation in the renewable energy sector. We believe that this will help companies improve their business performance, foster innovation, attract more talent, and engage better with communities. It also creates more economic opportunities for women.

Promoting the participation of women in the renewable energy sector is vital as the sector plays a bigger role in helping to provide access to energy for all. Having more women sharing their views, skills and competencies will guarantee the sustainability and broader impact the sector can have in terms of jobs creation and community development.” CREEC has developed an intentional strategy that ensures the consistent involvement of women in renewable energy initiatives. By offering free technical and business training on briquette making to one stay at home mother, CREEC has been able to create a chain of over 100 trained women. The women have been able to transfer skills and expertise from one home to another.  Some of the Women have also made more impact by partnering with schools and women’s group to sharing skills on clean cooking and briquette making.

CREEC is also part of the Women in Renewable Energy Association in Uganda where we can link more women to financing and capacity building opportunities. We also use these platforms to help women have trust in their capabilities to share their opinions which could transform lives. With efforts like these we can hopefully make a dent in ensuring more women on the renewable energy scene and we hope that you can do the same. Happy Women’s Month!

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