Wakiso biogas project completed

In an effort to reduce on daily costs incurred in cooking by Wakiso Children School of Hope, CREEC in partnership with Great Heat Uganda carried out a study, design and installation of a biogas digester for the school from December 2011 to April 2012.

A 12 m3 biogas digester was proposed ,designed and installed to generate gas for at least 40 percent of the school’s cooking needs. The digester is connected to a toilet constructed by Green Heat  and is fed with human excrements, urine and food leftovers. The quantities of available feedstock are sufficient for this digester. The construction of this biogas digester has been made possible with funds from Andy Bull from Africa Greater Life Mission UK.

Wakiso Children School of Hope is located in Bulabakulu Village in Wakiso District. The school currently has about 350 children with 10 adults to care for 120  children who are residents at the school.

Biogas technology is an integrated waste management system that is a clean, renewable, naturally produced and under-utilised source of energy. The gas produced is composed of 50-70% methane that can be used for cooking. A biogas system provides on-site energy production, storage and access.




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