Official opening of Solar Energy Kiosk

Saturdy 24th of November was the official opening of the Solar Energy Kiosk at Greendsteds High School in Kabanga, Mukono district. More than 100 people including local authorities, project partners, solar companies and potential customers joined this colourful celebration. The successful start of the Solar Energy Kiosk was celebrated with music, drinks and the associated cake.

In addition, private solar PV companies showcased their products in form of an exhibition during the event. The participating companies included Ultra Tec, Small Solutions and Barefoot Power Ltd who interacted with potential users about some solar products they had to offer.

CREEC’s Steffen Wassler, the Head of Solar PV Department represented Prof. I.P Da Silva as Chief Guest. He thanked all participants in the event, encouraged them to make use of the services the kiosk has to offer to the local people and cheered them to come up with initiatives like mobile money services with support from the kiosk.

Testimonies from users of the kiosk were in plenty. Some of the people who gave testimonies included a one Ms Nanteza Sarah who appreciated CREEC’s initiative of the Solar PV kiosk in their community. She acknowledged that solar lamps truly cut on someone’s income spent on lighting in a home and so, she encouraged people to embrace the initiative.

The community, in a special way was grateful to Prof. I.P Da Silva for choosing Kabanga among all other villages for such initiatives and development. It extended very sincere appreciation to him and the CREEC community for all that they have done for the community.

Kabanga’s Solar PV Energy Kiosk is part of the Millennium Science Initiative’s (MSI) Rural Electrification Project currently implemented by CREEC.

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