Solar PV Laboratory

Solar PV Laboratory

The poor quality of some of the solar PV products on the market has severely damaged the credibility of the technology with consumers. To address this issue, CREEC has established an independent solar testing laboratory with funds from the Presidential Initiative as part of the Solar Lamps for Health and Wealth campaign.

The solar laboratory is furnished with state-of- the-art technology which allows CREEC to test a variety of solar PV equipment. Tests can be performed according to Lighting Global Quality Test Method (LG-QTM) procedures but are not restricted as such. Because CREEC is an independent testing laboratory, it can also offer a breadth of other tests. In the past CREEC has tested kerosene lamps and candles to establish a baseline for fuel consumption, light output and emissions. The baseline can be compared to tests of solar projects to promote the benefits of solar technology.

In the future CREEC hopes to cooperate with the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) to perform certifying and labeling tests on their behalf and therefore improve consumer confidence in products on the market.

The solar laboratory provides an additional opportunity for CEDAT to integrate a practical component in the curriculum for Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy students at the college. This means that students can be involved in course practicals, industrial training and research concerning solar technology and its components. This hands-on training will improve awareness about quality control and assurance among the aspiring engineers of Uganda’s future.

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