There is plenty of scope for biogas technology to expand in Uganda most especially in the cattle corridor of greater Mbarara but even with the availability of the necessary raw materials many still shun away from the technology. CREEC is working together with biogas local MSMES  and the centre seeks  to upscale production, consumption and commercialization of green based energy sources like biogas. This is under the UNOPS Switch Africa Green program which is mainly concerned with enlightening communities in the cattle corridor about the enormous potential of the biogas technology to provide cooking and lighting solutions, combat environmental degradation and promoting conservation of nature, in the cattle corridor.DSC_0252

CREEC encouraging fathers in Ntungamo to adopt biogas

In a recent visit to Ntungamo district, CREEC continued to advocate for the use of the technology through an awareness creation workshop at Nyamitanga High School during the Fathers’ Day Celebration organized by the Anglican Church, where over 400fathers were in attendance. As heads of the family, it’s important for fathers to have the necessary information so as to make the right decisions for their families and this includes decisions on energy use. The audience that was characterized by religious leaders, community leaders, teachers and farmers was sufficiently made aware and trained on the biogas technology and its benefits and they were also encouraged to spread the news and influence the community. DSC_0179

The CREEC team on one of the site selection visits in Mbarara

A site selection visit was also conducted where a fully funded biogas digester will be constructed to enable the communities to have a practical experience in understanding how the technology works and this will later encourage them to adopt it in full confidence. Masons from the community will also be trained to help enhance their skills that way they are able to do a better job while constructing digesters around the community.

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