Feacal sludge management  may not be a typical dinner party conversation but this was the main subject at the final workshop that marked the end of the Sludge to Energy Entreprises in Kampala project. In Kampala, Sandec and its research partners like CREEC, EAWAG aquatic research, Bioburn, Makerere University, National Water and Sewerage Cooperation researched the viability of co-processing of feacal sludge and other waste streams to produce fuel pellets and with these produce electricity through gasification. The SEEK project established a pilot-scale research facility and conducted a market research to provide reliable data, working towards market implementation of technologies and end products.

Pellets made from feacal sludge that are safe for cooking

In urban Sub-Saharan Africa, the sanitation needs of the majority of the population are met by onsite sanitation technologies. In Kampala, Uganda, these technologies provide for the sanitation needs of 95% of the population, approximately 1.8 million people. The management of accumulated faecal sludge poses a huge challenge for the city. Currently, inadequate or unaffordable feacal sludge collection, transport and treatment are the reality for a large fraction of the population, resulting in the dumping of untreated feacal sludge into the environment, jeopardizing environmental and public health. This problem is intensified by the lack of appropriate management solutions for other urban waste streams, such as waste sludge from water and wastewater treatment.


Moritz Gold from Sandec making a presentation at the SEEK final workshop

The SEEK project worked towards making resource-recovery based solutions to waste management a reality, thereby providing new business opportunities , and increasing access to renewable energy and electricity while improving public and environmental health in urban areas through the provision of sustainable sanitation service chains.During the project , supply chains and potential implementors were identified who are continuing with the technology and marketing to the end users. For more information about the SEEK project click here


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